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January 5th, 2007

05:50 pm - I want book 2!
I want book 2 of the "Eragon" series, "Eldest". There a new dragon rider, but although I'm not sure if this if this is true, I've heard rumors that he is Eragon's cousin, Roran.

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January 4th, 2007

07:43 pm - Eragon pesonality quiz
I was at the Eragon website (www.alagaesia.com) and I took their personality quiz. I thought they were playing with me when I saw that my personality was most like Saphira the dragon, because on the school bus my friend, Mark, had made one of those fortune-teller thingys, but instead of telling me my fortune, it told me what kind of beast I was, and I was a Dracomancer. Dracomancers are half-dragon, are roughly human-shaped, but are scaly-skinned, are differently colored, can use REAL magic, and have horns and wings. Although the wings are shaped like a cape, Dracomancers can still use them to fly. My friend Latreze also made a fortune-teller thingy, but I'm not even going there. Back to my original subject, there are phrases that you can read when you get your personality, and to quote mine, it said "You are brave and rush headlong into battle when needed. But you are also steeped with ancient wisdom and know that you should not fight unless absolutely necessary."
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